Lean Leadership Masterclass

Are you satisfied with how well Lean thinking and practices have been adopted by your organisation?

Do all levels of your organisation understand what Lean and operational excellence means for them?

Are you seeing your teams consistently apply operational excellence methods, steadily improving they way they work?

Many businesses have started a "Lean journey", made some quick gains, only to see the gains fade away in a short period of time. The program starts with high expectations, gets a lot of attention but then stagnates.

The success of any significant change within an organisation hinges on the effectiveness of leadership and the operating environment. Organisations with genuinely world class operations, and a genuine culture of continuous improvement, don't run Lean as a "program".

Steady, sustained success comes from the role that Leaders play on a daily basis.

If you're interested in learning how the world best organisations lead and sustain Lean, then…

Join us for this Live webinar event on Thursday Apr 18th at 9:30am