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OE Partners run regular webinars designed to help you develop and hone your operational excellence skills. Each webinar takes place in an enjoyable and interactive environment where participants are encouraged to ask questions and help provide solutions to everyday challenges.

Upcoming Webinars

Lean Layout Masterclass : How to Maximise the Productivity of Your Facility

Are you planning to move to a new facility or looking to streamline your current operations?

Do you want to really transform the efficiency of how your processes run?

Are you frustrated with the bottlenecks and "work arounds" that exist in your facility and want to apply a best practice, optimised approach?

Lots of businesses grow organically over time, adding products and processes to their existing facility. Growth is great, however adhoc changes, all "bolted" together, can causes issues. Double and triple handling of materials, people spending 20% of their day walking, lack of workplace organisation, clutter and confusion... these are just some of the issues caused by a poor process and a poor physical layout.

But probably most importantly, a poor layout hampers a business' ability to grow. Adding growth to a poorly designed process, is a recipe for reduced profits.

Optimising the end to end flow of materials, people and the value adding process steps themselves is one of the best changes a business can make to boost the productivity and profits of an operation.

If you're interested in learning how the world's best organisations design and implement optimised operations and lean physical layouts then...

Join us for this Live webinar event on Tuesday January 23rd at 9:30am

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Toyota’s 8 Step Problem Solving Method

Is the performance of your organisation steadily improving?

When problems crop up, do they get solved effectively, once-and-for-all, at the root cause?

When your teams come together to solve a problem, do they follow a structured, effective approach... all pulling in the right direction?

The world's best organisations aren't problem free. In any organisation mistakes happen, stuff ups can and absolutely do occur. What's different about leading organisations, is how they react when a problem occurs and how they learn from it.

Toyota has achieved tremendous, consistent success for decades. It has maintained its position at (or close to) the top of its industry because they do things differently. One of the most important things that Toyota does differently is how it solves problems.

Effective problem solving has been a fundamental driver of success for Toyota and a key pillar for any organisation working towards Operational Excellence.

If you're interested in learning how to apply this simple but powerful approach to your organisation then...

Join us for this LIVE webinar event on Thursday February 8th at 9:30am.

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Visual Management: How Leading Organisations Achieve Consistent Success

Do you have a clear and accurate picture of how your operations are performing?

Do your teams use smart, visual tools to work effectively?

Organisations with poorly managed processes go from "fire" to "fire". The job gets done but its chaotic and inefficient. Worse than that, a huge amount of potential profit is left on the table.

All organisations encounter problems...

Average organisations can't get a clear picture of their issues. They struggle to focus and constantly have to react.

However leading organisations use a variety of Visual Management methods to identify their problems early and solve them effectively.

In this webinar on February 22nd '24 we'll cover how leading organisations do this and achieve consistent success

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