The Team

Damien Lacey
Founder & Director
Damien is an experienced Lean Consultant and the founder of OE Partners. He has worked in manufacturing, warehousing & distribution, agribusiness, technology and retail.
He advises and assists clients on strategy, lean operations, process improvement, organisational transformation, business process redesign and embedding continuous improvement within organisations. Damien is a qualified mechanical engineer and fluent in Japanese having worked for a number of years with Toyota including a 3-year posting in Toyota Japan. Damien has a proven track record of delivering effective and measurable results within clients.
He is capable of engaging with all levels of management and works with organisations ranging from SMEs to large enterprises

Ken Pike
Principle Supply Chain, Procurement, Leadership
Ken specializes in Supply Chain Management, Lean Performance Improvement, Balanced Scorecard Development and Organizational Cultural Change.
Ken has 20 plus years in senior supply chain management roles with companies such as, Glaxo SmithKline, Johnson & Johnson Medical, DePuy Orthopedics and Home Timber and Hardware. He has held line management roles covering work groups of up to 300 and worked in markets in Asia, Europe and Latin America.
His approach to management or consultancy, is to show businesses what best practice looks like and build pragmatic step changes for success, supported by appropriate training and performance measurement.

Toby Cook
Business Transformation Specialist
Toby is a Degree Qualified Mechanical Engineer with 20 years application of Lean and Six-Sigma methods in a variety of industries including Automotive, FMCG, Finance, Construction, Energy and Gas. He has delivered major change and transformation projects within organisations such as Siemens VDO, Ford Motor Corporation, Boral and Origin Energy. Toby has a proven record of bringing about fundamental and long term Business Improvement across a client base ranging from SME’s to large multinationals.

Brad Whitaker
Business Transformation Specialist
Brad is a business transformation specialist with over 15 years of experience in Australia, Asia, and UK for the deployment of strategic initiatives and projects that optimize operational performance, process efficiency, supply chain, and quality assurance. His experience spans a broad range of industries including automotive, mass transportation, manufacturing, service sectors, warehousing, logistics and distribution, research and development, construction, aerospace and FMCG’s.
Brad has engaged senior management and front line staff to manage and lead the implementation of over 70 successful Lean and Six-Sigma improvement projects in over 10 Australian organizations with a total gain of $19.6 Million and 25:1 ROI.

At OE Partners, we have one simple goal: to improve the productivity of Australian organisations.

Productivity gains enable businesses to grow, in turn creating jobs and opportunities for innovation. Ultimately, better productivity means a better quality of life for us all. The diversity of our clients represents the breadth of our experience.

Our team of business improvement consultants, facilitators and trainers work across many industries, including manufacturing, retail and distribution, software as a service, agriculture and government, working collaboratively to deliver fresh thinking and independent advice and guidance – all backed up by real world experience and evidence-based solutions.

So what does this mean for you? Whether you engage with us to work on a straightforward cost reduction project or have a vision for completely transforming how you do business, you know you’re dealing with experts who will help you succeed in improving your organisational performance.

We are experts who will help you succeed in improving your organisational performance
How we work

We work hard to understand what your leadership team wants to achieve and help you see what’s possible. Many companies know they need to improve their performance but not all are able to accomplish the change they envision. Using analysis tools and data, we go deep, harnessing the power of data to understand exactly how your organisation is performing, where there is scope for improvements, and what specific changes are needed to boost productivity. We then develop an implementation plan that combines hands-on project implementation support and training on operational excellence.