Committing to gaining a certification in your area of expertise demonstrates your dedication to expanding your knowledge base and honing your skills. While it can help to fast track your career, it can also be beneficial to your workplace, as you can transfer the knowledge you’ve picked up along the way.

Achieving a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt could earn you an average of 8.7% more than your peers. So, let’s deep dive into the pros of going for a certification in lean manufacturing.

Why a Lean Six Sigma certification makes you more employable

What is Lean Six Sigma?

Lean Six Sigma is the process of improving productivity and reducing waste in the workplace. It combines two approaches; lean and six sigma.

Lean describes the streamlining of manufacturing and service processes, by eliminating waste and therefore being in a position to offer better value to customers. Six Sigma is a method established to identify and solve problems and maintain consistency in a business.

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Advantages to your workplace

Lean Six Sigma is in such high demand—every employer wants to hire staff that will make a positive difference to the business. Make yourself indispensable by offering skills that will help your workplace to reduce waste or errors, and significantly enhance efficiency.

So, exactly what skill sets are developed in lean six sigma training?

  • The knowledge to transform an organisation by identifying areas that need improvement
  • Ways to eliminate wasted time and money - to reduce spending, customer complaints, schedule delays and more
  • The ability to measure, analyse and improve processes
  • The ability to conduct a thorough review of workplace processes
  • Understanding of quality improvement methods


Career benefits

Understanding Lean Six Sigma is something that you can translate across a multitude of industries. From lean manufacturing, electronics, IT, financial services and more, possessing a certification places you at a clear advantage during the job application process.

Lean Six Sigma exams are not always easy to pass, which gives certificate holders a certain respect for their comprehensive knowledge in the area. You’ll be able to position yourself as a leader in your industry and will find it easier to climb the ranks within your business, or apply for jobs at a higher level in an external company.

A Lean Six Sigma Certification proves you are adaptable and prepared to develop professionally.

The financial rewards are also well worth the training course. Lean Six Sigma certified professionals are amongst the highest paid around the globe, usually receiving between $110,000 - $260,000 AUD per year, depending on experience and qualification belt level.


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