Seminar & Networking Event:

How to Leverage Technology to Achieve Excellence in Your Operations and Supply Chain

Are you fully utilising available tech solutions to maximise the cost-performance of your operations and supply chain?

If you're anything like most business leaders in the world you are aware of the myriad of technology options out there but lack the time and resources to objectively assess and deploy best fit solutions

Join us for a business breakfast and learn from industry experts how to expedite your success.


Unbiased, System Agnostic Advice

Hear from our consultants and other industry experts who help businesses select and deploy technology solutions every day. We are system agnostic and solely focused on applying the right solution to your operational or supply chain issues.

Market Trends and Reliable Options

The landscape of available technology solutions is continually changing. Get an unbiased market update of latest trends and reliable solutions


Wednesday May 16th, 2018
Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club
07:00-09:30 AM

You are invited to an exclusive breakfast event...
Are you seeking better cost performance from your operations and supply chain? Learn how from our panel of expert speakers. Specialising in the following areas... deploying "right sized" technology solutions for operations and supply chain efficiency, end to end supply chain management and optimisation, and government grants to assist the development of your business. You will get clear and immediately actionable ideas
How to Apply "Right-Sized" Technology to Dramatically Improve your Operations and Supply Chain
Learn Which Tech Applications are "Best in Class" for Driving Better Performance in Supply Chain
The latest on Government Grants and Incentives to Improve Your Business


Our Expert Speakers

Bill Ramsay, 
Operations & Supply Chain Principal, OE Partners

"Right Sizing Your Technology for Excellence in Operations and Supply Chain"

The performance gap between "Average" companies and those that are "Excellent", is widening. This gap is, to a large extent, dependant on how well these leaders are successfully adopting technology. Hear from an industry leader on "what good looks like" from a technology view point and how to ensure that you don't Over-spend or Under-spend on Tech. Learn how "Right -sized" technology can genuinely transform how your business operates and help you make 6 and 7 figure, $$$ improvements to your Operations & Supply Chain.

John Hancock
Vice President, Integrated Logistics Asia Pacific, Kuehne+Nagel

"How to use Technology to Drive Better Performance in Your Supply Chain"

Are you considering investing in Technology to boost the performance of your Supply Chain? John is a recognised expert in the field of 4PL and Integrated Logistics, and as such, uniquely positioned to share experience and advice on what Technology delivers the best benefit. In a crowded landscape of options John will identify which solutions work and what can be used to drive better performance in your supply chain.

Bruno Bello
Business Adviser, AMTIL

"Latest Government Grants and Funding Advice for Businesses"

The number of Government Grants and Funding options is ever changing. Bruno is a highly experienced and highly respected business adviser and will provide the audience with an update on what’s available and how to best access these grants. Don’t miss out by not knowing what’s available!