Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training & Certification:

How to Boost Your Organisation’s Performance & Save Money

Your organisation could be saving hundreds of thousands of dollars every year, maybe millions.

Such savings can be achieved by understanding where the organisation is being constrained and by applying smart changes.

You’re invited to our upcoming course, ​Lean Six Sigma Green Belt - Certified​, where you’ll learn from a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, the skills you need to drive better productivity within your workplace.

Greater Earning Potential

According to Money magazine, those with Business Transformation Skills such as Lean Six Sigma Green Belts and Black Belts earn 8.7% and 10.5% higher salary than their peers, respectively.

Accelerate your Career in Operational Excellence

After just 4 weeks you will be ready and supported to lead change in the workplace. You’ll learn the practical skills needed to deliver business wide improvement and transformation.

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Course Length: 4 days

Training Dates: 4th December-7th December 2018

Theory Exam Online within 2 months

Course Location: Melbourne

Cost: $3,700 (ex gst)

You are invited to our Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training & Certification Course. This course is internationally recognised and certified through APMG International.

You will learn how to eliminate waste and improve the performance of any business process. Today’s organisations face performance pressures, potential disruption and a continually changing marketplace. As such, leaders need the skill and knowledge to zero in on the "critical few"  initiatives that will deliver dramatic improvement quickly.

Our skill development program has been designed to embed the foundations of Lean Six Sigma and share the latest thinking on Leadership, Change Management and Project Management Practices

  • Objectively quantify, with the right numbers, the organisation’s current performance
  • Take poorly defined organisational issues & turn them into clear business projects
  • Engage with teams & data to uncover the systemic root causes of poor performance
  • Develop simple & effective solutions to make measurable gains


Why Lean Six Sigma?

Companies reap bigger, more sustainable benefits by balancing Lean’s hard and soft elements and developing their line managers’ lean leadership skills

From lean to lasting: Making operational improvements stick – McKinsey Quarterly

Instead of spending years in the classroom to learn an entire subject, give students and workers access to ad hoc courses and certifications. This will shorten the educational time commitment, thereby lengthening the time an individual has to actually master the skill on the job. ... Lean Six Sigma certifications center on hands-on learning. While there is the obvious bookwork, the programs require specific on-the-job training... These programs provide the tangible skill sets that employers seek

Mind the (Skills) Gap – Harvard Business Review

Lean Six Sigma is ideal for projects targeted at reducing waste, cycle times or process variance, or at increasing product or service quality. Business outcome owners, business process directors and senior IT managers should include LSS in their toolbox of business process improvement methodologies

Lean Six Sigma Is a Useful Tool in the Process Improvement Toolbox – Gartner


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