Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt – Certified


Workshop length: 2 days total
Course dates: March 07 & 08, 2022
Course location: Sydney, Face to Face Delivery

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Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt - Provide your team with the skills needed to drive better productivity within your organisation.

This Yellow Belt course has been designed to provide participants with foundational knowledge and understanding of the Lean & Six Sigma (LSS) methodologies, tools and principles.


Lean Six Sigma is a business improvement methodology that can eliminate waste and improve the performance of any business process. This Yellow Belt course has been designed to provide participants with foundational knowledge and understanding of the Lean & Six Sigma (LSS) methodologies, tools and principles. Through a combination of pre-reading, classroom training, and practical exercises, participants will gain the skills to...

  • Understand and identify process waste & inefficiency
  • Effectively contribute to business problem solving workshops
  • Understand what process improvement tools are available to eliminate waste and drive customer value

Working under the direction of a Green or Black Belt, Yellow Belts are capable of enabling significant change within their organisation.
The Continuous Improvement Maturity Model will be introduced which charts the necessary changes organisations need to make, to move towards World Class Operational performance (Structured > Managed > Predictable > Capable > World Class)


Key operational staff who have intimate knowledge of, and day to day experience with, the organisation’s business process. Yellow Belts are valuable contributors or team members in Lean Six Sigma Green or Black Belt projects.

This course is also suited for those wishing to gain a general awareness and understanding of Lean Six Sigma principles & methodologies.

Lean Six Sigma Yellow belt training is commonly used within world class Lean Six Sigma organisations as a foundational skillset for all staff.

  • Unit 1. World Class Performance
    • E1. Competitive Strategies:
    • E2. History of Continuous Improvement:
    • E3. Philosophy and Principles:
  • Unit 2. Process Improvement Deployment
    • E1. Management of Change:
  • Unit 3. Project Management
    • E1. Team Formation:
    • E2. Process Improvement Roadmaps:
    • E3. Voice of the Customer (VOC):
    • E4. Project Charter:
  • Unit 4. CIMM Level I – Creating a Solid Foundation
    • E1. Organized Work Environment:
    • E2. Standardized Work:
    • E3. Quality Management:
  • Unit 5. CIMM Level II – Creating a CI Culture
    • E1. Kaizen:
    • E2. Basic Quality Tools:
    • E3. Basic Management Tools:
  • Unit 6. CIMM Level III – Creating Stable & Efficient Processes
    • E1. Process Mapping:
    • E2. Lean Performance Metrics:
    • E3. Value Stream Analysis:
    • E4. Reducing Muda (Waste):
    • E5. Reducing Muri (Overburden):
    • E6. Reducing Mura (Unevenness):
    • E7. Value Stream Improvement:
    • E8. First Time Right:
  • Unit 7. CIMM Level IV – Creating Capable Processes
    • E1. Critical to Quality (CTQ):
    • E2. Six Sigma Performance Metrics:
    • E3. Statistics:
    • E4. Distributions:
    • E5. Measurement Systems:
    • E6. Hypothesis Testing
    • E7. Correlation and Regression:
    • E8. Process Capability & Performance:
    • E9. Design of Experiments (DOE):
    • E10. Statistical Process Control (SPC):
  • Pre workshop study and confirmation of basic Lean Six Sigma concepts prior to workshop attendance
  • All Participants will receive a hard copy of the course text book
    • “Climbing the Mountain: Mindset, skill set and toolset for Lean Six Sigma Yellow & Orange Belts” Theisens, H.C.; LSSA 2014
  • Course text book will be provided a minimum 10 business days prior to the workshop start and the cost is included in the tuition fee.
  • 2.0 Day Classroom based Training Workshop
    • Introduction / re-cap of theory
    • Practical exercises to understand tools and theory
  • Theory Certification Option: 40 min Certification Exam
  • Conducted in person in a classroom setting, invigilated by OE Partners
  • Closed book
  • 50 Questions, paper based
  • Pass Rate is 50 % (25 marks out of 50)
  • Formal Exam Assessment and Certificate Issued by APMG International

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There are no prerequisites for this course

In order to maximise the practical learning elements of the face to face workshop participants are required to undertake a certain amount of pre-course work.

Pre-course requirements are sent out minimum 10 business days prior to the workshop start. This should take between 1-2 hours of the participants time.